The Rural Centre
   Krishnamurti Foundation India,Rajghat Fort Varanasi, India

   Bee Keeping

The Centre wishes to promote bee-keeping as an income generation activity in the neighboring villages. The bee-keeping activity was started with Italian bees in the Centre 2002. The honey produced is of very good quality and good taste. This is because; Rajghat Campus is endowed with wide range of floral diversity. The flowers of ornamental plants, vegetable crops, pulses, cereals, herbs, shrubs, forest species, etc. contribute a great deal to the medicinal quality of the honey. The honey produced at centre is in great demand.

Unfortunately, in the current year there is drastic reduction in the population of honey bees due to various factors. It is attributed to the spraying of pesticides in the vicinity of bee boxes and widespread presence of electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phone towers. This phenomenon is prevalent in the entire eastern Uttar Pradesh region. The number of bee boxes has come down to just one from ten.

The important advantage of beekeeping at the Centre is the bees increase the crop production by 10 to 30%. The Centre wishes to increase the number of bee boxes gradually in the future.