The Rural Centre
   Krishnamurti Foundation India,Rajghat Fort Varanasi, India


     About Us

The Krishnamurti Foundation India ( is a charitable organisation concerned with education, social reforms, rural health and other programmes for uplift of the rural masses. The Foundation has set up five educational centres in India. Rajghat Educational Centre (REC at Varanasi is one of the five educational centres. REC has five functional areas. One of them is The Rural Centre.

The Rural Centre was founded by Shri Achyut Patwardhan in 1953 and has developed over the years on this sacred soil at the confluence of the rivers Ganga (Ganges) and Varuna. It is located on the eastern bank of the Varuna and the northern bank of Ganga. It is said that through these lands the Buddha had walked to Saranath about two thousand five hundred years ago.

The main objective of establishing this Centre is to serve the rural communities who live in twenty villages situated close to the Centre. The Centre has been offering services in the fields of education, health care, agriculture, livestock and development work. The Centre desires to intensify its activities to serve the disadvantaged communities.

If you desire to be a part of the supporting team, please contact:

Krishnamurti Foundation India,
Rajghat Fort,
Varanasi - 221 001, U.P.
Ph: 0091-0542-2591248