The Rural Centre
   Krishnamurti Foundation India,Rajghat Fort Varanasi, India


Why do you want to do Social work? Is it because you see misery in the world - starvation, disease, exploitation, the brutal indifference of great wealth side by side with the appalling poverty, the enmity between man and man? Do you want to do social work because in your heart there is love and therefore you are not concerned with you own fulfilment? Or is social work a means escape from yourself?........

If it is a means of escape or if you are merely pursuing an ideal established by a leader or a priest or by yourself then any social work you may do will only create further misery. But if you have love in your heart, if you are no longer ambitious, no longer pursuing success and your virtue is not leading to respectability, then your very life will help bring about a total transformation of the society.

                                                                                                          - J.Krishnamurti


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